custom matches rant.

C'mon. This is crazy! Who pays approx. $80 for a set of 100 (minimum order) matchboxes with "(Bride) & (Groom), a perfect match" or "(Bride) & (Groom), one hot couple," or "(Bride) & (Groom), a match made in heaven {complete with an angel icon.}" They're matches, people!

My daughter-bride is going to give travel candles in her welcome bags and we plan to provide regular, run-of-the-mill paper match books covered with handmade Japanese paper. We're covering the rim of the candle cans and their circular tops with the same paper. Quick. Cheap. Personalized.

It just takes a little bit of creativity. Plus the guests will be getting something hand-made, not mass produced by a factory.

Another plus: the matches won't nauseate your guests (see paragraph one above.)

wordless thursday

Natasha Collins' handpainted wedding cake.


two months and counting

We are under the two-month mark for my daughter's wedding, and there are still many loose ends. Venue: check. Save-the-dates: check (my daughter hand-made them and they were charming; my friends are still raving.) Wedding gown: check. (a Leila Rose!) Caterer: check. Musicians: check. Travel arrangements: check. (Except for mini-honeymoon?) Officiant: check. Guest transportation to and from venue: check. Bus has been arranged and pre-paid. Photographer: check. Invitations: half-a-check to three-fourths-of-a-check (?) I think we are almost there with the letterpress design. (The process has been difficult, to say the least. Believe what people say about working with an artiste'.) Flowers: half-a-check; we think the way-cool grow-their-own-flowers-in-the-country design team is on board. Decor: half-a-check. Working out details. Welcome bags: half-a-check. Still gathering. And I'm trying to trace/draw a map to include in the packet. Wedding cake: a fourth-of-a-check (?) Didn't like the caterer's offering. The this-is-not-a-rehearsal-dinner-although-it-is-being-held-the-night-before-the-wedding restaurant: a fourth-of-a-check. We have venue contenders. Hair/makeup: again, contenders, so fourth-of-a-check. Wedding gown shoes: Nada. Maid of honor dress & shoes: Nada. MOB dress & shoes: Nada. Venue sign: Nada. And we have to add Miscellaneous: The OMG, I didn't think of that!!: Nada.

The truth is, I'm not really anxious about how everything will get done. I know that it will. My daughter is a creative problem solver. She is hard working and detail oriented. She makes comprehensive lists, after which she surely and steadily tics off completed tasks. Her fiance is equally as industrious and competent. And when and if something unexpected comes up or if some vendor doesn't show up as planned or if we forget to deliver the whatevers to whomever in time, we'll deal.

It's going to be a beautiful celebration, and I can hardly wait.