custom matches rant.

C'mon. This is crazy! Who pays approx. $80 for a set of 100 (minimum order) matchboxes with "(Bride) & (Groom), a perfect match" or "(Bride) & (Groom), one hot couple," or "(Bride) & (Groom), a match made in heaven {complete with an angel icon.}" They're matches, people!

My daughter-bride is going to give travel candles in her welcome bags and we plan to provide regular, run-of-the-mill paper match books covered with handmade Japanese paper. We're covering the rim of the candle cans and their circular tops with the same paper. Quick. Cheap. Personalized.

It just takes a little bit of creativity. Plus the guests will be getting something hand-made, not mass produced by a factory.

Another plus: the matches won't nauseate your guests (see paragraph one above.)

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